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Begegnungsladen für Menschen
mit und ohne körperliche Behinderung

The Siloah people

The “Siloahs” are persons who represent a wide range of interests, who like to travel, to visit exhibitions and events, to have parties, to cook and eat together, to relax with creativity and artistic work and to improve themselves in various ways. Our guests – no matter if with or without disability – come and visit Siloah in order to find and establish new social contacts, to engage in some activity or other enjoying fun and a good time together, and for enhancing their knowledge and educational level.

The people giving us a helping hand get themselves involved with Siloah because they want to make a difference and commit their time and efforts to a meaningful cause. The fact that many “Siloahs” have been participating for quite a long time – some of them since our beginning in the early eighties – surely tells its own tale.